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Things to do in May

by | May 2, 2019 | KIDS, LIFESTYLE | 1 comment

How did we get here so quickly! It’s May already? Thank god, the winter is over (we hope) and the best of what the UK has to offer is beginning to shine. The blossom is out in full force, the wonderful Wisteria is lining houses across the country, and people are starting to look a little bit cheerier as they go about their day.

I really suffer from Winter blues, so it’s no wonder May is my favourite month of the year. As a photographer, the backdrop of Bluebells, blossom, rapeseed fields and countless other colourful blooms gives me a chance to get out of the studio and get outside, and at home, the doors finally get flung open and the air gets let in! For those that know me well, it’s always a surprise to see any doors and windows open in my house! I just love the heat!

It’s a month where everyone starts to get moving, the drudgery of winter is leaving us, and we’re all feeling a little more motivated.

So with that in mind, here are my tops tips of things to do in May!

Enjoy the bank holidays – Tell me anyone who doesn’t love them. A free day off, and a reason to go out on a Sunday night. Or it gives us the chance to do that very English thing – having a long weekend away. With so many fabulous places to visit in the UK, May is a great month to pop some of them on your list.

Join The National Trust – With more than 500 places to visit across the UK, a National Trust membership is great. Especially if you have kids. There are some fantastic places to visit, with amazing blossom trees, bluebell woods, houses to explore, and cool cafe’s (anyone for cake?).

Get green fingers – The roar of a lawnmower is not an unusual thing to hear on an early Sunday morning in May! Now is the time to get outside, tidy up the garden and trim the bushes (ooh er missus)! Get your seedlings planted – if you know what you’re doing, and if you don’t get your mum to do it like I do!


Get a pedicure – The old faithful Havaianas come out, and you realise that your toes have mismatched polish on, and look like they’ve not been shaped for a year! Book yourself into your local salon, and have a gel polish. It’ll last you a month or two, and makes sure that on the sunny days your feet are perfectly pretty to show off to the world.

Hop up to London to see the Wisteria – I love this stuff, it’s so pretty and so instagrammable (is that even a word?)! There are plenty of streets in London to walk around that have houses coated with the flowers. Why not take a picnic and go and enjoy one of London’s fabulous parks whilst you’re there.

Enjoy a film outdoors – These are amazing fun. In May, The Luna Cinema release all their fabulous films across the country. Usually playing classic movies along with top new blockbusters, these are a great night out to sit on a deckchair or beanbag and sing to your hearts content at the Greatest Showman, whilst sipping Prosecco as the sun goes down. They also run Luna Kids – a fabulous outdoor cinema experience put on just for kids in Dulwich Park.

Plan kids clubs – If you’ve got little ones, you know that this term is a short one. With Easter just over, it’s only a few short weeks until the next half term. Plan and book your kids clubs now.

Dust off the BBQ – If you haven’t already! Unusually the UK was basking in beautiful sunshine this Easter so the BBQ’s were sizzling away in their hundreds. But if you’ve yet to use yours, dust it off this weekend, give it a clean and buy anything new that you need for it, so when the sun does shine, you’re not fighting in the line at B&Q to get whatever is left!


Order a paddling pool – as per point above! Last year on a run of hot days, we popped off to Argos to purchase Sienna a paddling pool! Well, it was like the end of the world – not a paddling pool in sight. 4 shops later, and we spent a measly £3 on one in B&M which lasted all of 48 hours before it popped and we were back out shopping again!

Sort out your summer clothes – yes this sounds like an unbelievably grown-up thing to do, but I find it super therapeutic. Once you’ve remembered what you have, and where it lived for the last 6 months, you can then decide if you need anything new. Always a great excuse to go shopping 🙂

FA Cup Final – Apparently 11 men on each team run after a ball for 90 loooooong minutes to win a trophy made of tin. Or something like that. OK yes, I know a little more about football than that, but unless my team is in it, and that happens rarely. I don’t really care! However, worth noting the date down, so you can leave hubby at home shouting obscenities at the TV whilst you do cocktails with the girls! 18th May – 5pm.

Arrange a date night – Ok, so this is not May specific, but a good reminder to do it anyway. Book a babysitter, and go and explore a new local restaurant. Get dressed up, pop away the sports bra and comfy pants, and pop a pair of heels and some lippy on!

Do some DIY – This seems to be the month where everyone looks at the house and says, ooh we could do with a coat of paint there, or I’d really like to wallpaper that wall (AKA me). The sun is shining in through the (dirty) windows and highlighting all the finger marks on your white walls! Time to refresh and feel the pretty again.


Take pics of the family – Another one that should be on the list every month. But with so many beautiful things to see this month, May is the perfect month to take them down to the river, or the bluebell woods and snap away. Better still, look out for local photographers offering bluebell sessions (also AKA me) or spring outdoor sessions and go and capture some memories!


Enjoy the sunshine! – However many days of sunshine we have – don’t complain, we have so little in the UK! Embrace it, slap on the lotion and get out there and enjoy life!!


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  1. Reka

    Loving all the Ideas for us to do as a family. CANT believe how organised you are even Knowing the Date of the fa cup final
    And yes, we did spend the firsr bank holiday painting doors and walls around the house – how did that happen?! Right, off to order that paddling pool because just like you said, leaving it tIll the last minute is never a good idea – a bit like xmas tree shopping, isn’t it!!


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