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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by | Nov 4, 2019 | BEAUTY | 0 comments

Before I trained as an make-up-artist, I must admit, my brushes got cleaned maybe once a year, maybe twice if I was lucky. But now I try and do them at least once a week. 

If you are using your brushes every day for the same product then once a fortnight should suffice, but if you are regularly use your brishes for multiple products – especially, if like me, you like to change up your look on a daily basis, then you should look at doing it once a week.

More importantly than removing cross colours, the main reason to clean your brushes regularly is to remove bacteria that can build up in your brushes and cause breakouts, congestion and irritation. According to Cosmetify, 26% of women have never cleaned their makeup brushes.

26% of women have never cleaned their make-up brushes


Cleaning your brushes is super simple and takes no longer than ten minutes (depending on how many brushes you have).

Firstly grab yourself some brush cleaning solution – I use this Antibacterial Makeup Shampoo from Superdrug. Not only does it remove all of the colour and makeup but removes all of the bacteria too.

Antibacterial Makeup Shampoo

Spray it onto the bristles and give the bristles a small rub together to loosen the product clinging to the bristles. Or you can grab yourself a brush cleaning mat, again like this one I use also from Superdrug and rub the brush gently over the pad. Once you have given them a good rub, run the brush gently under lukewarm water – too hot and you can damage the glue and bristles, and too cold won’t remove any oils left in the brush. Make sure to point the bristles downwards when rinsing to ensure everything gets washed away and doesn’t get caught up in the bristles.


Once you’ve washed and rinsed all your brushes, give them a pat dry to remove any excess water and lay them flat on a clean teatowel or papertowel and leave them to airdry naturally overnight. Don’t be tempted to pop them on a radiator or use a hairdryer to speed up the process, this can lead to brushes being damaged, and the bristles drying mishapen.

Once your brush is completely dry, fluff the bristles.

Yay! Beautiful clean brushes for your next application!


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