Who is this woman?

Hi. I’m Emma. A 42 year old wife, mummy, stepmum, sister, daughter, aunty, photographer, MUA, blogger, cleaner, and yep, this list goes on.

I created this blog for my escapism, and for other women to read and know that they’re not totally crazy! It’s just life and we’re all fighting the same daily battles and routines.

Yes we all wanna wake up and look like Blake Lively, or Rihanna, or whoever the latest girl crush is (mine is currently Emma Willis, she’s a Fox)…but most of us have to deal with puffy eyes from lack of sleep and the realisation that we don’t all have a small army of MUA’s (that’s makeup artists to you and I darling) or hairstylists waiting on our call.

If you’re like me, you have a wannabe insta life, and a very different reality. But what’s wrong with a little bit of dreaming every now and then.

I’ll share my secrets, my fears, my daily grind, along with beauty tips, fashion and style picks, reviews, recipes and a whole load more. All I ask is that if you love what I write and it makes you smile, then send me a quick note and let me know! Life begins everyday, apparently not just at 40!!