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A Dog’s Journey – Film Review

by | May 9, 2019 | KIDS, LIFESTYLE | 0 comments

Ok move over Claudia! Now it’s my turn! 

On wet rainy days, the first thing that comes to mind to keep Sienna occupied is going to the cinema. It’s something we’ve done loads in the past few years and I’ve seen my fair share of absolute rubbish! On the flip side, I’ve also seen a fabulous selection of family films that I would happily watch again and again (with or without Sienna).

And last weekend was no exception. ‘A Dog’s Journey’, a heartwarming follow up to ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ had me in tears from start to finish. It follows the life of Bailey, a dog that finds himself (or herself) following his destiny to create a bond with his new found friend, and Ethan’s granddaughter CJ. Bailey belongs to Ethan (played by Dennis Quaid). In the previous film, you see Ethan as a boy becoming the owner and best buddy to Bailey, and him finding out that throughout his years, Bailey’s soul and personality relives in various fluffy friends that he has throughout his life. 

Are you following…..?

Shortly before CJ is born, her father dies in a car accident, and leaves CJ’s mum going off the rails, so, she decides not to accept the help of Ethan and his wife Hannah, and off she hops to take CJ away from her beloved grandparents and bring her up in a not so happy, alcohol-fuelled home. 

Back at home with Ethan and Hannah, Bailey grows old and passes away (cue lots of tears from me), and as Ethan cuddles him as he closes his eyes, he asks Bailey to come back and find and protect CJ as she grows up.

Yep you’ve guessed it, CJ gets a puppy! A beautiful little Beagle that she calls Molly (yes this time Bailey comes back as a girl), and just has his master asks, Bailey/Molly spends years with CJ becoming her best friend and fierce protector. Of course Molly then moves on, and you see CJ meet and home a variety of dogs, until 20 years or so later, she decides to find out a bit more about her grandparents and hops on a road trip with current doggy Max, to go and find them.

Ethan realises very quickly that Max is still Bailey at heart and proves it to CJ and the family by asking Max to do a trick he thought Bailey at a young age.

And of course tears at the end when everything works out just the way it should.

If my rambling above doesn’t make any sense, watch the trailer below!



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